Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hey everyone
I am so sorry i haven't been on since october and that i havent even been on facebook.
As you all know, i found out at the end of August that i was pregnant.
Unplanned, but a very pleasant suprise.
I had made another blog to document my pregnancy but i never really got on it yet :/
This pregnancy has been very rough for me so far.
I had morning sickness from the first week after i found out
they finally gave me some pills to stop that!
when i was maybe 8-9 weeks i got a horrible ear infection and cold that lasted for about a month.
then the sickness was still around and i could barely eat anything.
about 2 weeks ago i got hit with the same cold all over again and im still fighting the cough. i swear ive had a cough that wont go away since i got pregnant.
then on sunday afternoon i wasnt feeling very good.. i didnt eat much that day and layed down at 430 and ended up falling asleep until my fiance came home. once he got home i was having such bad pains in my upper stomache and nausea that i was literally shaking in bed. (i had also been extremely constipated for a few days)
at about 9pm i felt real sick and ended up throwing up..violently. it was SCARY. i couldnt stop. i had never gotten so sick in my entire life.
i ended up eventually going to sleep and got up again around 1am and barely made it to the bathroom and got very sick...again
i finally fell back asleep a few hours later. i woke up at 630 or so and i was thirsty so i had a small cup of water.
well..at about 9am that all came up..
by this time my fiance was awake and heard me and insisted that we went to the hosp[ital-my mom said we should go too. mainly because i couldnt keep water downa nd didnt want to get dehydrated..especially being pregnant.
we got there at 10:18 (i only remember this because i had to write the time on the card..lol) and ended up waiting about an hour to get called. i was lucky and got my own room with a door. YAY! i was excited because i didnt want to be in the curtain rooms especially since i didnt know if id throw up again.
i had to pee in a cup and that was hard..lol..harder then usual since i could barely go.
they eventually hooked me up to some iv fluids because i was indeed dehydrated and gave me some anti nausea medicine and some protonics and a little bit of pain meds to help my stomache pain. i wasnt sure if it was from throwing up or something worse.
the ER nurse tried to check babys heartbeat with the doppler and after a very long time of checking my whole tummy and tons of pressing.. couldnt find it:/
so she called an OB nurse.. she tried and couldnt find the heartbeat either! i then got sent to get my gall bladder ultrasound..more pushing on my poor totally sore belly:(
my gall bladder was fine. in that time the OB nurse decided to go to get a different monitor. the one that they put on u when in labor. the circle one with the strap to go around your belly.
she turned that on and put it right under my belly button and sure enough.. there was baby.. heartbeat was 155-160. i was relieved to know baby was ok.
we ended up staying in the hospital until almost 8pm before i got discharged. they had told me i had a uti and wanted me to have antibiotics first and the doctor also wanted to give me another bag of fluid to get all the toxins and acid out of me before they sent me home.
i was sent home with some ani nausea pills and some antibiotics (the antibiotics are tearing up my poor tummy)
randy my fiance stayed with me until about 430 then my mom showed up so he could go to work then his mom came to give us a ride. it figured the one day i was in the hospital my dad needed the truck. lol
so we went home and i had some strawberry jello and slept on the couch sitting up all night because i was scared to lay down because my chest had been burning soooo bad.
i spent all day yesterday in bed and managed to have toast, gatorade and soup. since i hadnt eaten since like 12pm on sunday!!
i am going to the clinic today so they can check my weight and check baby again
then on friday we go to the gender ultrasound to find out if its a boy or girl!

thanks for reading if you did.. i will try to keep everyone updated. i have tons of pics to share soon

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  1. Wow Cristin! I am glad you went and are now feeling better. YOu take care of yourself. Keep us updated!