Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The weeks leading up to Giada's birth were very hard for me. I pretty much broke down at 39 weeks. I just wanted her out. I went to my NST that morning and passed and then went to clinic right after that. I had some blood pressure issues and protein in my urine(which happened a couple times towards the end) and my one doctor checked me and i was only 1cm. She ended up sending me to the hospital and was going to discuss with the other doctor about possibly inducing me. I spent a few hours alone in the hospital hooked up to the contraction and heartbeat machine..got bloodwork done and everything turned out to be perfect and i was sent home. I had been having contractions but not enough to be in labor yet.
Then i hit 40 weeks.. still having on and off contractions..walked around the block for awhile, tried foods to induce labor..even had sex..(i still dont know how we managed that..lol but we did). Still nothing. went to clinic and my protein was back to normal. I was hoping (begging) to be induced..but got sent home and given and induction date of 4-27.
It was a long week but the 27th finally came. i went to clinic that afternoon and then stopped at wawa for a bagel and icedtea then home for last minute packing and to straiten my hair. yes i straitened my hair before i went in to be induced!
We got to the hospital at 6:30pm. i immediatly peed in the cup- for the last time!!! and got my gown on and got into bed and got asked a ton of questions and was hooked up to the contraction and heartbeat monitor. 
My doctor thought i looked real big and was shocked that i hadnt had another ultrasound since my biophysical profile ultrasound at 39weeks. so they called in a tech to do the ultrasound around 9pm to get another weight of the baby. the last ultrasound measured her at 8lbs 7oz. this ultrasound measured her at about the same, my doctor was concerned that she may be too big and to do a csection instead of inducing. but he said she isnt to big and inserted the cervidil. it was like a long ropey string that hung out of my vag like a tampon string. it was very uncomfortable at first. it was burny and itchy but that went away fast. i had to stay in bed for 2 hours before i could use the bathroom.
I thought that i was in for a peaceful night and gonna watch tv and sleep thinking it  would take awhile for contractions to kick in. boy was i wrong!!! they started coming and they were hurting. i ended up contracting all night and not dilating much. the contractions were so bad and often that they took the cervidil out earlier then usual. my fiance was by my side all night to hold my hand and rub my head and help me through every contraction. these contractions were nothing like the ones that i felt the weeks before.
Sometime the next morning i got my epidural and put on pitocin. the epidural was not as bad as i thought it would be. it didnt take long to get done but we had to stop everytime i had a contraction. it took awhile for it to kick in but once it did i was able to sleep.
That afternoon while i was sleeping i got woken up by getting an oxygen mask put on my face and nurses and doctors in the room. Giada's heartbeat was accelerating and my doctor decided it was best to do a csection right away. i was only 4-5cm at that point. so my fiance let everyone know what was going on.
In no time at all my fiance was in scrubs and i was getting wheeled into the OR. i was given some medicine in my room prior to start numbing me. they had to lift me to put me onto the table and that was a weird feeling. once i was numb randy came in and it was time to start.
I was feeling a bit nautious and kept asking for something to make it go away but i started feeling better. i had seen on tv on a baby story a lot of women who threw up while having a c-section and i think i was scared i would too. my doctor that was doing the c-section was amazing. i cracked a joke before he started and made everyone laugh..he is usually the jokester! my anesthesialagist was also great. sge smushed the pillow like that under my head because i didnt want my head flat.
Once i was completely numb..which was the weirdest feeling ever..even though i could wiggle the toes on my left feet.. they started. i was so anxious to meet my little girl that i wasnt nervous or scared. i didnt feel anything but pressure..which they warned me about and nothing hurt. randy was by my side holding my hand and it hit me that i was about to be a mom and cried. i also want to add that my anestesialogist scratched an itch for me..lol..she was great.
Then i was told id feel lots of tugging and pressure..Giada was about to be born. I waited to hear her cry.. and within seconds...i did! Me and randy started to cry. her cry was the sweetest most amazing sound id ever heard. i heard everyone talking about how much hair she had and couldnt wait to see how much she weighed. i told randy to go with her as they finished me up. i could hear randy talking to giada and it touched my heart. he seemed so proud! she also pooped on the nurse right after she came out. she kept pooping so they had to put a diaper on her.
Giada Michelle A.
7 lbs 15.9oz
21 1/2 inches long
It was awhile before i got to see her..but once they brought her to me i fell in love. she was perfect and looked right at me.
  Giada and randy went into recovery and they finished stitching me up..i couldnt wait to hold her! i got wheeled into recovery and my nurse got me pain meds and some ice chips. then i got to hold her..
She was perfect. i couldnt believe i was a mommy!  Within minutes i had her at my boob breastfeeding and she latched on right away! then after about an hour i got wheeled into my room. everyone came in shortly after.

proud  daddyrandy-my fiance holding his daughter
my mom with randy and giada
randy, his mom and giada

I have a ton more pictures of my friends and family with giada that i will be posting soon. i will also be blogging about the hospital stay and first couple weeks home.

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