Thursday, April 21, 2011


There are many places to find/get coupons..

SUNDAY NEWSPAPER- every sunday (except for holiday weekends) there will be anywhere from 1-4 coupon inserts in the paper. i always check sundaycouponpreview.com to see what coupons will be in the paper for the week prior to purchasing the paper. depending on how good the coupons are i will usually get anywhere from 1-5 newspapers. i recommend checking out your local dollar store to see if they carry the paper so u can pay $1 instead of $2.

INTERNET PRINTABLES- IP - you need to have access to a printer in order to get IP coupons. some websites who offer printable coupons are: coupons.com , redplum.com , smartsource.com , allyou.com

FACEBOOK - facebook is a great place to get coupons. often times when you "like" a page they will offer a coupon. most of the time it is a high value coupon. also there are times you can get a coupon for a FREE item when the products facebook is doing a special promotion

STORE COUPONS - some stores such as Target offer their own coupons online or sent in the mail specific for use in their store only (these can also be stacked with a MFR coupon-which i will get into later when i post about target.) some stores also have coupons in their weekly ad that can also be paired with a MFR coupon.

BLINKIES, TEARPADS, WINETAGS, PEELIES - blinkies are little coupon machines placed by a product in the store where a coupon spits out for you- u can see a picture of one here. tearpads are a pad of coupons that are usually hanging on a display or next to a product offering a coupon to use on that product. winetags are coupons that are hanging on a product. Peelies are also on the product itself.u peel the coupon off the product to use it on that purchase

MAGAZINES - All You magazine offers great coupons monthly. i have only seen allyou magazine in walmart. i have a subscription which is a great thing to have. there are other magazines who have coupons as well but sometimes its only a couple.

FRIENDS,FAMILY,CO-WORKERS - ask your friends ,family and co-workers if they use their coupons and if not if they could save them for you every week. or to save the coupons they dont use for you as well. my mom gets inserts from co-workers for us after they go through and clip the coupons they use

TRADING - i love to trade coupons. sometimes i have an over abundance of coupons that i will never use or dont use that i can easuly trade with someone who will use them. a couple of great sites i have used to trade are: afullcup.com , couponmom.com and weusecoupons.com

COUPON CLIPPING WEBSITES - sometimes u cant find someone to trade with, a coupon may be regional and u didnt get it or there is a great sale on something that u want to stock up on. thats where a coupon clipping service comes in. they get a ton of coupons and u pay for their time to clip them and shipping not for the coupon itself. i have been using mycouponhunter.com for well over a year now and i am very happy with her site.

WRITING TO COMPANIES - last year i got a great idea from a fellow blogger to write to companies complimenting their products. most of the time when u do this they will send u some high value coupons as a thanks for liking their products. you can also request coupons and most of the time they will send you some.

THE PRODUCT ITSELF - sometimes there are coupons inside a product or box or bag, ect.- so always check!!

SAMPLES -i sign up for every sample i can. almost everytime i recieve a sample in the mail it comes with a coupon! so its worth the minute it takes to sign up for a freebie/sample in hopes that there may be a coupon in with it.
ECOUPONS:Cellfire, Shortcuts, uPromise, P&G eSaver. These are coupons that you can load to your store savings cards. No clipping required! - thanks Freesamplefreak

NEWSLETTERS: Sign up with your favorite brands or stores newsletters online. If there is ever a brand or a store that you like, sign up for their emails, most companies send out newsletters that include money saving coupons. - thanks Freesamplefreak

Thats all i can think of for now. if anyone else has any other ways to get coupons please let me know and i will add it to the list. i hope this helps!!

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  1. These are some great tips to start collecting coupons. I also send an ad on craigslist under the "wanted" category and request coupons from others who may not use them. :)